New Residents Info



The Board meets the third Tuesday of the month at the Village Hall, also known as the Community Center, located at 55 Cliff Road.

The Village election is the third Tuesday in June.  In order to be eligible to vote in the Village election you need to be registered with the Suffolk County Board of Elections at your current address.

Voter registration forms are available at the Village Office, located in the Gatehouse (1 Cliff Road).



The Village is its own assessing unit.  This means that your Village tax assessment may not be the same as your town assessment.

Village taxes are due once a year, on June 1, payable until July 1 without penalty.



All building permits for alterations, additions, etc. are obtained through the Village office. For all copies of co’s, cu’s, etc., come to the Village office.



The Village has ordinances regarding noise, dogs and cats, garage sales, limited tree trimming and cutting, and posting of signs as well as those pertaining to building and zoning.  Please try to preserve the trees – many are dying from pollution, drought, acid rain and subsequent disease.  Cut vines, not trees, and spray the poison ivy.

Permits must be obtained from the Village Office for garage sales ($25), tree cutting or trimming (no fee), as well as any type of construction or demolition.  Construction and demolition can only be done Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm.

Dogs must be licensed with the Town of Brookhaven and no dog shall be permitted to run at large within the Village.

Noise: No person shall allow loud or unreasonable noise to annoy or disturb the quiet or comfort of persons in the vicinity.  Examples include leaf blowers, chippers, lawn mowers, radios, and barking dogs. Residents doing their own yard work, if not creating excessively loud noise for an extended length of time, is allowed.  Please consider your neighbor’s enjoyment of peace and quiet on weekends when scheduling outside work.

Please contact the Village Office any time you have a question or stop by to look through our ordinance book.



If you have an emergency ALWAYS CALL 911 FIRST.

Constables patrol our Village 24 hours a day. In a non-emergency situation they can be reached at 928-5785.



There is no parking permitted along any streets in the Village. However, if you are having a party and all vehicles do not fit in your driveway, please alert the Constabulary at 928-5785.  This should help avoid unnecessary summonses.

Parking sticker applications are available at the Village Office and are processed by our Beach Commissioner.  Having a sticker on your vehicle allows you to park at the Village beach and other Resident Only parking areas.



      The Village contract is for “back door” refuse collection.  Garbage will be picked up at a designated place on your property (driveway, near garage, or special refuse bin) and is not to be brought to the curb.  Due to problems with raccoons and other wildlife a secure trash enclosure is beneficial.

Pickup is on Tuesday and Friday between 6 am and noon.  Recycling pickup is every Wednesday and is now “Single Stream” meaning that all recyclables are picked up each Wednesday.

Curby cans for glass, plastics and metal can be purchased at cost at the Village Office.

In addition, the Village has twocurbside” trash pickups per year, spring (usually in late April) and fall (usually in late November).  These pickups include bagged leaves and small tied bundles of branches and twigs under 50 pounds.  Signs are posted in advance to advise of the actual date.

Yard waste should not be placed at the curb or on Village property as we do not have yard waste pickup except for the special pickups mentioned above.  Please arrange for your landscaper or a private contractor to remove any bulk yard waste.

Bagged leaves will be picked up on regular refuse days (limited to 2 bags per collection).



      The Village beach located at the end of Nonowantuc Trail is for Belle Terre residents only, so be sure to get your parking sticker.

The Village runs a six week program from the beginning of  July through the second week in August for children ages 4 to 16.  Activities include an American Red Cross approved  swimming course, water safety, arts and crafts and other recreational activities.  Information is mailed to all residents in May or June.

The Village park is located on Park Lane off Crooked Oak Road.



The Village publishes an occasional newsletter which is mailed to all residents.  The newsletter contains a directory of Village officials and phone numbers where they can be reached.



      The Community Center is available for use by residents.  Please contact the Village Office for rental fees and details.



The Belle Terre Community Association sponsors several functions during the year, one of which is the Resident Party in the fall.

Volunteers are always welcome.  Contact, membership, and event information is available at