Minutes of Board Meetings

PRESENT: Mayor Bob Sandak; Deputy Mayor: Sheila Knapp
Trustees: Michael Sampogna, Jacquelyn Gernaey, Richard Musto
Others Present: Joanne Raso, Village Clerk-Treasurer
Absent (prior notice): Eileen A. Powers, Village Attorney
I. MINUTES of May were accepted as corrected.
II. TREASURER’S REPORT for May was accepted
1. Notice of settlement for claim for damages to Community Center from roof leak.
Letters requesting use of the Community Center:
1. Resident (Sandak) sponsoring a wedding on Sunday, July 9
IV. MAYOR’S REPORT: Mayor Sandak reported that there will be a public hearing next month before the regular meeting regarding the proposed new ethics code. Traffic along Cliff Road has been a bit chaotic while PSEG replaces utility poles. FEMA has given them money to upgrade and “harden” the system with thicker poles with shorter cross bars and stronger wires. He also explained the two motions being voted on tonight, one being a consolidation grant for the Town of Brookhaven and the other for a cooperative agreement with the Town of Brookhaven for a HUD Community Development Block Grant which would cover making our buildings more handicap accessible.
V. LAW: No report.
1. BEACH: Commissioner Knapp reported the cabanas should be put up in a few days. When that is done, the parking lot will be graded.
2. BUILDINGS: A new door has been ordered for the front of the Community Center
3. PARKS: Two memorial trees have been planted and memorial plaques are being ordered. A small layer of mulch has been added to the play area.
4. ROADS: Commissioner Raso is investigating different paving companies for estimates. The roads will be swept first so it can be determined where swells or berms are needed.
5. YOUTH PROGRAM: Registrations are coming in and we will not be partnering with Port Jefferson’s program.
7. HARBOR MANAGEMENT: All is good.
8. COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: The association will be hosting free hot dogs on the beach on Monday, July 3 before the PJ fireworks.
9. CONSERVATION: No report
10. DEER COMMITTEE: We received the report from the flyover on a portable hard drive, which is available for interested residents to review. It contains about 12,000 pictures and a written summary. The committee is working on their report which will be submitted to the Board of Trustees.
11. CODE REVIEW: Trustee Gernaey reported that a few changes are needed before next
month’s public hearing on the code change. The proposed code will be available for review
before the public hearing. A non-officer volunteer is needed to serve on the ethics
committee. Anyone interested can contact the Village office.
12. CONSTABULARY: There were 39 calls for service in May, 10 of which were
emergencies. There were 92 summonses issued and181 house checks.
1. Motion was made by Trustee Jackie Gernaey and seconded by Trustee Mike Sampogna to approve
abstract of audited vouchers #’s 180 & 181, for a total amount of $90,384.17 for payment. Motion carried.
2. Motion was made by Trustee Mike Sampogna and seconded by Trustee Richard Musto to pass a
resolution to partner with the Town of Brookhaven in the Municipal Consolidation and Efficiency
Competition Plan. Motion carried.
3. Motion was made by Trustee Richard Musto and seconded by Trustee Sheila Knapp to pass a
resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into a 2018-2020 cooperative agreement with the Town of
Brookhaven to participate in a Housing & Urban Development Community Development Block Grant
Entitlement Program. Motion carried.
A resident of Northwind Drive complained about the condition of the roads in her area such as
potholes and ruts on the sides of the road caused by large vehicles.
A resident of Cliff Road proposed the Village start a traffic safety committee. The Board agreed to
form an ad hoc committee and asked for volunteers to report to the Board. They suggested Larry Miele be chairperson.
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm
Joanne Raso, Clerk Treasurer                                                                


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