Minutes of Board Meetings


                                    MINUTES OF: August 15, 2017 MEETING

 PRESENTMayor Bob Sandak; Deputy Mayor: Sheila Knapp

Trustees:  Michael Sampogna, Jacquelyn Gernaey, Richard Musto

Others Present: Joanne Raso, Village Clerk-Treasurer          

Absent (prior notice): Eileen A. Powers, Village Attorney


  1. MINUTES of July were accepted as read.
  2. TREASURER’S REPORT for July was accepted.

Letters requesting use of the Community Center:

  1. J. Raso sponsoring John LaValle for an 80th Birthday party on Saturday August 19
  2. K. Mourtzikos for a birthday party on Saturday, September 23.
  • Mayor Sandak reported that the son of one of our Constables was killed in a car accident yesterday.
  • One of our motions tonight is to appoint a new Village Assessor to replace Ron Matuza who retired after many years of service.
  • Cell Tower update: there are ongoing problems with the cell tower. The contractor for AT&T destroyed the covers, which cost $4,000 each section. New covers have been ordered at their expense. They also installed more and larger cables than they were supposed to. T-Mobile cannot install their cables until this is fixed. Sprint has also expressed interest in installing service in 2018.
  • Golf Club membership: The Board has decided it is not warranted to pay $30,000 a year in order for 29 residents to get reduced rates for club membership. Mayor Sandak met with a member of the PJ Village Board, and he was totally understanding of our decision.
  • The overgrowth along the sides of the roads is being cut back by Emerald Landscaping
  • Pothole repair is scheduled to begin on Thursday. Commissioner Raso has done a very good job of getting estimates for the various upcoming road projects.

      LAW: No report

  2. BEACH: Commissioner Knapp reported that during the unexpected storm on August 6, 15 cabana decks were lost and all of the boardwalks were washed away, but were recovered.
  3. BUILDINGS: No report.
  4. PARKS: Commissioner Sampogna reported we are waiting for the plaques for the two memorial trees that were planted along the walking path. SCWA has been contacted to reconnect the water service there so that water will be available for new plantings.
  5. ROADS: Commissioner Raso reported that Powerhouse Paving will be in this week to start pothole repairs. Paving of Cliff Road from Hemlock Path north to the circle and Druid Hill Road is scheduled to be done the second week of September by Pratt Brothers. We are waiting for one more estimate for the berms and/or swales for the sides of the roads.
  6. YOUTH PROGRAM: The season is over. There were over 100 children registered this year and they enjoyed many special programs such as paddleboard instruction, Coastal Steward and a visit from Mr. Softee.
  7. CABLE/TECHNOLOGY: No report
  9. COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: Joanne Cornell reported the 50’s Beach Party is this Saturday, with a rain date of Sunday. The Association is also sponsoring special price tickets to the Edwards Twins at Theater Three on Sept. 2.
  10. CONSERVATION: No report
  11. DEER COMMITTEE: Chairman Musto is preparing a draft report to be presented to the committee and Board. There is a question as to whether our code on hunting is in compliance with State code and we have asked our Village Attorney to get an opinion letter from the State Attorney General. Some Villages have been sued for having laws not in compliance with State codes. Discussion followed.
  12. CODE REVIEW: Trustee Gernaey reported that the next code section to be reviewed will be the building code. She is scheduling meetings with the Planning Board and Zoning Board chairmen to review the current code. The intention is not to change the code, but to clarify them as some of them are vague and contradictory. She reminded everyone that any code change requires a public hearing, with a notice of such being published in the paper.
  13. CONSTABULARY: Mayor Sandak reported that July had 37 calls for service, 15 of which were emergencies. There were 72 summonses issued and 255 house checks.


  1. Motion was made by Trustee Jackie Gernaey and seconded by Trustee Sheila Knapp to approve abstract of audited vouchers #’s 186, 187 & 188, for a total amount of $154,834.87 for payment. Motion carried.
  2. Motion was made by Trustee Sheila Knapp and seconded by Trustee Mike Sampogna to appoint Frank Aragona to the position of Village Assessor to replace Ron Matuza, who retired. Motion carried.
  3. Motion was made by Trustee Richard Musto and seconded by Trustee Jackie Gernaey to pass a resolution acknowledging the required examination of Justice Court records. Motion carried.


  • A resident of Sunset Path reported an incident of armed robbery that occurred at his home last week. This sparked discussions about what our Village Constables can and cannot legally do. Residents asked about the possibility of setting up an emergency notification system, or a community watch group.
  • There was also discussion about ending the agreement with Pt. Jefferson which gives reduced nonresident country club fees to golfers and tennis players from Belle Terre, as only about 29 residents are currently members.
  • There was also some discussion on the placement of memorial plaques for the trees planted along the walking path at the park.
  • Conditions along the sides of the road, such as downed trees and broken utility poles, and other property maintenance issues, were also discussed.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm

Joanne Raso, Clerk Treasurer


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