Minutes of Board Meetings


                                    MINUTES OF: December 19, 2017 MEETING


Mayor Bob Sandak, Deputy Mayor: Sheila Knapp

Trustees:  Judy Zaino, Richard Musto

Others Present: Eileen A. Powers, Village Attorney, Joanne Raso, Village Clerk-Treasurer          

Absent (prior notice): Jacquelyn Gernaey


  1. MINUTES of November were accepted as read.
  2. TREASURER’S REPORT for November was accepted.

No correspondence

  1. MAYOR’S REPORT: Mayor Sandak reported the two snow falls we’ve had this month were handled very well by the new contractor. They have a truck with a plow and salt spreader in the Community Center parking lot ready to go. The salt/sand mix is picked up directly from the Town Highway Department and billed directly to the Village.

The cell tower driveway pavers have been installed, which completes the landscaping around the cell tower compound.

Belle Terre will be featured in Newsday’s real estate section next week.

  1. LAW: Powers reported the closing for the property at the end of Cliff Rd. has been put off until after the first of the year because of some missing paperwork.


  1. BEACH: Commissioner Knapp reported the beach is holding up.
  2. BUILDINGS: No report.
  3. PARKS: No report.
  4. ROADS: Commissioner Raso reported new drains have been installed at two locations: Cliff Road at Beach Road and at the end of Lost Meadow Lane. Also, a new collar was installed on the drain at the corner of Crooked Oak and Lost Meadow.
  5. YOUTH PROGRAM: No report.
  6. CABLE/TECHNOLOGY: Commissioner Weiss reported the email program has been upgraded to allow for attachments.
  7. HARBOR MANAGEMENT: No report.
  8. COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: The Children’s Holiday party was very successful. Karen did a wonderful job. The annual dues letter will be going out soon. Money goes to support events and beautification projects.
  9. CONSERVATION: No report.
  10. DEER COMMITTEE: Musto’s report has been sent to the committee members, who will meet to discuss it after the holidays.
  11. CODE REVIEW: No report.
  12. CONSTABULARY: November was a quiet month with 25 calls for service, 13 of which were emergencies. There were 20 summonses issued and 440 house checks.


  1. Motion was made by Trustee Sheila Knapp and seconded by Trustee Richard Musto to approve abstract of audited vouchers #’s 197, 198 & 199, for a total amount of $30,579.67 for payment. Motion carried.


            A resident who wanted to report a suspicious vehicle to the Constabulary was bothered by the fact that he wasn’t able to reach anyone. All he could do was leave a message on the Constable office voice mail. The Mayor responded that our goal is to have a phone and I-pad in the Constable car so that they can receive calls and monitor the security cameras. We are waiting for the AT&T service on the cell tower to be fully operational.  The delay in getting things done is upsetting to some residents. Discussion followed on getting in touch with the Constables in situations which may or may not be considered emergencies. The best way is to call 911 because when the dispatcher sends the call to SCPD, our Constables will hear the call on their radios, which are more reliable than cell phones.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm






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