Minutes of Board Meetings


                                    MINUTES OF: October 17, 2017 MEETING

 PRESENT:  Mayor: Bob Sandak, Deputy Mayor: Sheila Knapp

Trustees:  Richard Musto, Jacquelyn Gernaey, Judy Zaino

Others Present: Eileen A. Powers, Village Attorney, Louise Smit, Deputy Village Clerk-Treasurer          

Absent (prior notice):  Joanne Raso, Village Clerk-Treasurer


MINUTES of September were accepted as read.

TREASURER’S REPORT for September was accepted as read.


            Letter from Michael Strauss regarding Port Jefferson Village Country Club


            T-Mobile is on site doing ground work and wiring on the Cell Tower.   ATT will remove their cables on Thursday the 19th, or Monday at the latest, so that T-Mobile can install their wires. ATT will then reinstall their cables and the tower will be closed up by the end of the month.  At that time, the three providers should be up and running. The tower will then not be touched until spring when Sprint does their installation. 

The Village has decided on a snow removal contract.   We were very pleased with the prior year’s snow removal.  The company was very diligent.  Belle Terre roads were in great shape until we exited the Village through the Gatehouse gates. We are very happy to use the same service again.

Fall Trash pickup will be the week of December 4th.       

LAW: No report


  1. BEACH: Commissioner Knapp reportedThe Beach is closed. There is no report.
  2. BUILDINGS: No Report.
  3. PARKS: No Report
  4. ROADS: No Report
  5. YOUTH PROGRAM: No Report
  7. HARBOR MANAGEMENT: There is a new Secretary that we are very happy about, otherwise, No Report.   
  8. COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: Halloween Tennis Ball on Saturday the 21st; Children’s Pumpkin Carving Party on October 29th; Food Drive November 4th; November 10th through the 12th is the Art Exhibit; December 10th, Children’s Holiday Party
  1. CONSERVATION: No Report
  2. DEER COMMITTEE: The Committee is working on a report. They will present a draft to the Committee and then present the report to the Trustees. 
  1. CODE REVIEW: We have met with the ZBA and Planning Board and have prepared 23 changes to the existing code.  Basically, the changes are being made to clarify and modernize the existing code.
  1. CONSTABULARY: Mayor Sandak reported August was a relatively quiet month with 23 calls for Service, 8 of which were emergencies.  There were 96 summonses written and 429 House watches performed.  


  1. Motion was made approve abstract of audited vouchers #’s 192 and 193, for a total amount of $ 164,813.75 for payment.

Made by Trustee Jackie Gernaey, Seconded by Trustee Sheila Knapp, All Approved.

  1. Motion to appoint Judy Zaino to position of Parks Commissioner.

Made by made Trustee Sheila Knapp, Seconded by Trustee Richard Musto, All Approved.

  1. Motion to pass a resolution for the Board to enter into a contract for Snow Plowing with Suffolk Paving, pending approval of the Village Attorney.

            Made by made Trustee Jackie Gernaey, Seconded by Trustee Sheila Knapp, All Approved.


 A resident asked the BTCA if consideration was being made for food at the Children’s functions for children with nut allergies.  

Michael Strauss presented his feelings about the Port Jefferson Golf and Country Club contract, firmly believing that the Village should not back out of the contract for moral reasons. He questioned if the Village collects taxes from Port Jefferson for the part of the golf course on Belle Terre property. He would like to negotiate with Port Jefferson for a better deal and asked if the Board would consider it if he were successful.  Several other residents spoke out in favor and against the contract between the two villages.  It was explained that the decision to back out was made for budgetary reasons and that Belle Terre has several expensive issues that will be coming up in the near future including the bluff erosion problems and the deer situation. Tom Mattus asked if the cell tower revenue could offset the cost of the PJCC expense and other large expenses. It was explained that the revenue was already in the budget, that budgeting was a very complicated process with many different things to consider and that feedback from the residents is always welcome.

Lisa Alter asked if a Security Committee has been formed since the last board meeting. She is concerned about the lack of communication in the village for the safety of the residents. She feels as though a community wide communication network should be implemented.  Mayor Sandak thanked her for her suggestions and said that they will discuss it again.  Other residents also said that there was a lack of communication.  It was explained that we have the monthly meetings, bi-monthly newsletter and the beautiful new website which is updated every day if there is news to share with the community. These methods of communication are not meant to be a “police blotter” and it was explained why it might not be a good idea by the Village Attorney. 

Esther Anthony is concerned about the condition of the concrete building at the end of Anchorage.   She reported that the openings have been broken through the walls and there is new graffiti on the structure.   The board reported that the conditions are being monitored, the openings will be sealed again and that five no trespassing signs have been installed.   The Constabulary is writing tickets for trespassing.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:45PM.

Louise Smit, Deputy Clerk Treasurer