Rubbish Collection


As of February 2016, we will start single stream recycling.

No more alternating between papers/cardboard and bottles/cans/plastic every other Wednesday.

All of your newspapers, cardboard, junk mail, glass bottles/jars, metal cans and plastic containers (#1 thru #7) can be placed in one container (not too heavy, please) and will be picked up every Wednesday.

NOTE:  When calling the Town of Brookhaven for appliance pick ups, be sure to specify that you are a Belle Terre resident, not Port Jefferson.  The Town no longer picks up appliances in Port Jefferson, as the Village does it themselves.  The number to call for appliance pick up is 451-6220. NOTE: they will no longer pick up refrigerators or air conditioners, because of the Freon. 


Week of December 4, 2017